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Windows Installation Guide

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In this video we're going to install LibreChat on Windows 11 using Docker and Git.


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:10 - Requirements
  • 0:31 - Docker Installation
  • 1:50 - Git Installation
  • 2:27 - LibreChat Installation
  • 3:07 - Start LibreChat
  • 3:59 - Access to LibreChat
  • 4:23 - Outro


Have fun!

Note: See the Docker Compose Install Guide for more details

  • πŸ‘† Docker Compose installation is recommended for most use cases. It's the easiest, simplest, and most reliable method to get started.

Manual Installation

  • Install the prerequisites on your machine πŸ‘‡

Download and Install Node.js (Required)

  • Git:

Create a MongoDB database (Required)

Setup your AI Endpoints (Required)

  • At least one AI endpoint should be setup for use.

Download LibreChat (Required)

  • Open Terminal (command prompt) and clone the repository by running git clone
  • IMPORTANT : If you install the files somewhere else modify the instructions accordingly

Enable the Conversation search feature: (optional)

  • Download MeiliSearch latest release from :
  • Copy it to "C:/LibreChat/"
  • Rename the file to "meilisearch.exe"
  • Open it by double clicking on it
  • Copy the generated Master Key and save it somewhere (You will need it later)

User/Auth System (Optional)

  • How to set up the user/auth system and Google login.

Setup and Run LibreChat

Using the command line (in the root directory)

To setup the app:

  1. Run npm ci (this step will also create the env file)
  2. Run npm run frontend

To use the app:

  1. Run npm run backend
  2. Run meilisearch --master-key <meilisearch_Master_Key> (Only if SEARCH=TRUE)
  3. Visit http://localhost:3080 (default port) & enjoy

Using a batch file

  • Make a batch file to automate the starting process
  • Open a text editor
  • Paste the following code in a new document
  • The meilisearch executable needs to be at the root of the LibreChat directory
  • Put your MeiliSearch master key instead of " <meilisearch_Master_Key> "
  • Save the file as C:/LibreChat/LibreChat.bat
  • you can make a shortcut of this batch file and put it anywhere
start "MeiliSearch" cmd /k "meilisearch --master-key <meilisearch_Master_Key>

start "LibreChat" cmd /k "npm run backend"

REM this batch file goes at the root of the LibreChat directory (C:/LibreChat/)


  • Run npm run update from the project directory for a clean installation.

If you're having issues running this command, you can try running what the script does manually:

# Windows PowerShell terminal 

# Step 1: Get the latest changes

# Fetch the latest changes from Github
git fetch origin
# Switch to the repo's main branch
git checkout main
# Pull the latest changes to the main branch from Github
git pull origin main

# Step 2: Delete all node_modules directories
# Define he list of directories we will delete
$directories = @(

# Loop over each directory and delete the node_modules folder if it exists
foreach ($dir in $directories) {
    $nodeModulesPath = Join-Path -Path $dir -ChildPath "node_modules"
    if (Test-Path $nodeModulesPath) {
        Write-Host "Deleting node_modules in $dir"
        Remove-Item -Recurse -Force $nodeModulesPath

# Step 3: Clean the npm cache
npm cache clean --force

# Step 4: Install dependencies
npm ci

# Step 5: Build client-side (frontend) code
npm run frontend

# Start LibreChat
npm run backend

The above assumes that you're using the Windows PowerShell application on a Windows system and are executing the commands from the project directory. The commands are tailored for PowerShell, which is a powerful scripting environment native to Windows. While Windows also offers the Command Prompt and newer versions have the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), the provided instructions are specifically designed for PowerShell.

⚠️ Note: If you're having trouble, before creating a new issue, please search for similar ones on our #issues thread on our discord or our troubleshooting discussion on our Discussions page. If you don't find a relevant issue, feel free to create a new one and provide as much detail as possible.