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Third-Party Tools

⚠️ Warning: The tools featured here are not officially maintained or supported by the LibreChat team

❗Note: If you would like to include your own tool in the list, you're welcome to submit a Pull Request.

LibreChat Discord Bot

The LibreChat-DiscordBot is a versatile and user-friendly Discord bot designed to streamline interactions with your LibreChat server. With this bot, you can effortlessly manage the LibreChat server directly from your Discord server, eliminating the need for direct server access. It offers an array of functionalities to enhance your LibreChat experience.

LibreChat Android App

This app is a webview for LibreChat instance Android independent app, this project is forked from ChatGPT-android-app. Default webpage of this app has been set to LibreChat's GitHub Page. This app is optimized for LibreChat's function which is not an original project. For example, Social Login Oauth login support is added to this build.

LibreChat Windows Installer

This script automates the local Windows 64 bits installation and offers a utility for initiating startups and updates


LibreChat Azure Deployment

A Terraform setup to deploy LibreChat to Azure and setup all the necessary services.

LibreChat Enhanced Docker Compose Deployment

This repository offers an advanced example of deploying LibreChat with Docker Compose. It includes several benefits but is more complex to configure.

It serves as a valuable reference for those requiring sophisticated configurations for their setup.

For simpler setups, consider using the docker-compose.override.yml file for an easier LibreChat deployment process.

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