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Plugins Endpoint


The plugins endpoint opens the door to prompting LLMs in new ways other than traditional input/output prompting.

The first step is using chain-of-thought prompting & "agency" for using plugins/tools in a fashion mimicing the official ChatGPT Plugins feature.

More than this, you can use this endpoint for changing your conversation settings mid-conversation. Unlike the official ChatGPT site and all other endpoints, you can switch models, presets, and settings mid-convo, even when you have no plugins selected. This is useful if you first want a creative response from GPT-4, and then a deterministic, lower cost response from GPT-3. Soon, you will be able to use Google, HuggingFace, local models, all in this or a similar endpoint in the same modular manner.

Using Plugins

The LLM process when using Plugins is illustrated below.


When you open the settings with the Plugins endpoint selected, you will view the default settings for the Completion Phase.

Clicking on "Show Agent Settings" will allow you to modify parameters for the thinking phase



  • You can specify which plugins you would like to select from by installing/uninstalling them in the Plugin store
  • See this guide on how to create your own plugins (WIP)
  • For use of actual ChatGPT Plugins (OpenAPI specs), both community-made and official versions, read here.


  • Every additional plugin selected will increase your token usage as there are detailed instructions the LLM needs for each one
  • For best use, be selective with plugins per message and narrow your requests as much as possible
  • If you need help coming up with a good plugin prompt, ask the LLM for suggestions before using one!
  • Chain-of-thought prompting (plugin use) will always be more expensive than regular input/output prompting, so be sure it meets your need.
  • Currently, the cheapest use will be to use gpt-3.5 for both phases
  • From my testing, the best "bang for your buck" will be to use gpt-3.5 for the thinking phase, and gpt-4 for completion.
  • Adding to above, if you ask for a poem and an image at the same time, it may work, but both may suffer in quality
  • Instead, ask for a poem first with creative settings
  • Then, ask for a good prompt for Stable Diffusion based on the poem
  • Finally, use the Stable Diffusion plugin by referencing the pre-generated prompt
  • Presets are only available when no Plugins are selected as the final review of the thinking phase has a specific system message.
  • โš ๏ธ The Browser/Scraper, Serpapi, and Zapier NLA plugins are official langchain integrations and don't work the best. Improvements to them will be made

Plugins Setup Instructions

  • Google Search
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Wolfram
  • DALL-E - same setup as above, you just need an OpenAI key, and it's made distinct from your main API key to make Chats but it can be the same one
  • Zapier - You need a Zapier account. Get your API key from here after you've made an account
  • Create allowed actions - Follow step 3 in this Start Here guide from Zapier
    • โš ๏ธ NOTE: zapier is known to be finicky with certain actions. I found that writing email drafts is probably the best use of it
    • there are improvements that can be made to override the official NLA integration and that is TBD
  • Browser/Scraper - This is not to be confused with 'browsing' on (which is technically a plugin suite or multiple plugins)
  • This plugin uses OpenAI embeddings so an OpenAI key is necessary, similar to DALL-E, and it's made distinct from your main API key to make Chats but it can be the same one
  • This plugin will simply scrape html, and will not work with dynamic Javascript pages as that would require a more involved solution
  • A better solution for 'browsing' is planned but can't guarantuee when
  • This plugin is best used in combination with google so it doesn't hallucinate webpages to visit
  • Serpapi - an alternative to Google search but not as performant in my opinion
  • You can get an API key here:
  • For free tier, you are limited to 100 queries/month
  • With google, you are limited to 100/day for free, which is a better deal, and any after may cost you a few pennies