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Firebase CDN Setup

Steps to Set Up Firebase

  1. Open the Firebase website .
  2. Click on "Get started."
  3. Sign in with your Google account.

Create a New Project

  • Name your project (you can use the same project as Google OAuth).

Project Name

  • Optionally, you can disable Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

  • Wait for 20/30 seconds for the project to be ready, then click on "Continue."


  • Click on "All Products."

All Products

  • Select "Storage."


  • Click on "Get Started."

Get Started

  • Click on "Next."


  • Select your "Cloud Storage location."

Cloud Storage Location

  • Return to the Project Overview.

Project Overview

  • Click on "+ Add app" under your project name, then click on "Web."


  • Register the app.

Register App

  • Save all this information in a text file.

Save Information

  • Fill all the firebaseConfig variables in the .env file.
FIREBASE_API_KEY=api_key #apiKey
FIREBASE_AUTH_DOMAIN=auth_domain #authDomain
FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID=project_id #projectId
FIREBASE_STORAGE_BUCKET=storage_bucket #storageBucket
FIREBASE_MESSAGING_SENDER_ID=messaging_sender_id #messagingSenderId
FIREBASE_APP_ID=1:your_app_id #appId
  • Return one last time to the Project Overview.

Project Overview

  • Select Storage


  • Select Rules and delete : if false; on this line: allow read, write: if false;

    • your updated rules should look like this:
    rules_version = '2';
    service {
      match /b/{bucket}/o {
        match /{allPaths=**} {
          allow read, write 


  • Publish your updated rules


Configure fileStrategy in librechat.yaml

Finally, to enable the app use Firebase, you must set the following in your librechat.yaml config file.

  version: 1.0.1
  cache: true
  fileStrategy: "firebase" # This is the field and value you need to add
      - name: "Mistral"
  # Rest of file omitted

For more information about the librechat.yaml config file, see the guide here .