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Zeabur Deployment

This guide will walk you through deploying LibreChat on Zeabur.

Sign up for a Zeabur account

If you don't have a Zeabur account, you need to sign up for one. Visit here and click on Login with GitHub to create an account and sign in.

Sign up for a Zeabur account

Deploy with button

Zeabur has already prepared a one-click deployment template for LibreChat, so you can start the deployment directly by clicking the button below without any additional configuration.

Deploy on Zeabur

In the template page, select the region where you want to deploy LibreChat, and then click the Deploy button to start the deployment.

Select Region and Deploy

Bind a domain

After the deployment is complete, you will find that there is a new project in your Zeabur account, which contains three services: a MongoDB, a Meilisearch, and a LibreChat.

Project Detail

To access your deployed LibreChat, you need to select the LibreChat service, click on the Network tab below, and then click Generate Domain to create a subdomain under

Bind domain


You can now access it by clicking the link.

Congratulations! You've successfully deployed LibreChat on Zeabur.