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Azure deployment

There are different ways of how a deployment can be done in Azure. One way is to use Terraform to setup all the necessary ressources automatically, here is an example setup with the setup instructions, which sets up all the necessary services.


You must have an existing Azure subscription for this to work.


  1. Clone the LibreChatAzureDeployment repository .

  2. Open in VS-Code Devcontainer.

  3. [Optional] Configure Deployment:

    • Edit terraform.tfvars to customize your deployment.
    • You can for example set the MONGO_URI which is the connection string to your MongoDB. A fast and simple solution for that is a free cloud instance, like setting up an Atlas Instance . By default a CosmosDB instance is set up automatically.
  4. Azure Login: Open the Terminal inside of VS-Code, and run the command az login .

  5. Terraform Initialization: In the Terminal inside of VS-Code, run the command terraform init .

  6. Apply Terraform Configuration: In the Terminal inside of VS-Code, run the command terraform apply .

  7. Open LibreChat: After finishing, terraform shows the outputs in the terminal. Open the Url of "libre_chat_url" (it might take some minutes until everything has booted)


To tear down your Azure resources, run the command terraform destroy in the Terminal inside of VS-Code.